8th Christmas ToyFair

The 7th Christmas Toy Fair - Celebrating a Season of Heroes


A charity costume play event at Rizal Park, Manila!

Alodia for Animax

Alodia to Welcome New Ani-Mate Co-Host at Animax Carnival Philippines 2012.

Anime Alliance and STGCC 2012

Anime Alliance is one of STGCC supporting media partners!

Ticket Giveaway for BOA 2012!

We're giving it away. Details inside!

Anime Revolution in Canada!

Check out for more details!


Details in the article!

6th Christmas ToyFair

Anime Alliance will be at the 6th Christmas ToyFair! Here's the official PRESS release!

The Fantasy Begins

You definitely would want to know.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

8th Christmas ToyFair

We will be having (for the first time) this year an actual Cosplay Competition at the 8th Christmas ToyFair happening at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1.

Check out ToyCon's Facebook fanpage for more details

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


One dream. One power. Be the ULTIMATE WINNER. Watch out for Hero Face Off 2013: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle. Face Off category will be hosting the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Philippine Preliminaries Final Qualifier. More infos to come soon. For the pre-qualifier events, visit www.animealliance.asia. or send queries to wcsph@animealliance.asia

Thursday, March 28, 2013

[PRESS RELEASE] Philippines @ WCS


March 27, 2013
Anime Alliance Public Relations Office

Philippines as an "OBSERVER NATION" for the World Cosplay Summit

MANILA, Philippines.    What seemed to be a dream to most Filipino cosplayers is about to come into reality as the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) executive committee accredits Philippine-based organization Anime Alliance Philippines to be the caretakers and rights holder of the WCS name in the country.

The World Cosplay Summit is a gathering of outstanding cosplayers from 20 countries in 5 continents vying for the title of World Cosplay Champion. This is an annual event held in Nagoya, Japan by TV Aichi, the founding company of the World Cosplay Summit.
"It wasn't easy. It took us 2-3 years to get this spot, and I'm so honored and excited to work on a project as big as this" said by Mr. Michael Ramas, operations manager of Anime Alliance. "We've always wanted to take things further, and that's what we've been doing every year." he added.

Getting to be a part of this prestigious competition that convenes all the best cosplayers in the world was not an easy task as officials in Anime Alliance explained. "We continued to work round the clock to make this happen. It's exhausting but it's rewarding" said Futomi Nomura, assistant project manager of the-now WCS Philippines Committee. "As always, we strive to provide the best possible service and innovation for the community we work in, and that's what we're doing now" he finished.

An online-based organization founded back in 2006, Anime Alliance is now considered to be the only organization authorized in the Philippines to transact in behalf of the WCS and to hold its annual preliminaries and regionals in the country. When asked about when the competition will be held, Ms. Tessa Villareal, project coordinator of WCS Philippines replied "We'll be bringing it first with the events that made this possible, with the events that placed their trust with us for all the years". Revealing some information about probable events, HERO FACE OFF is the number one event in their list where a possible 2013 preliminaries is on the way. "But of course, we're more than willing to share this with any event that's willing to share the same principles our organization has, the same principles that got us in this position. Passionate and committed individuals who has the culture and drive for excellence" she ended.

"We just want to be clear, we're just on observer status so we're not yet competing in the actual competition. But we're definitely getting represented in the world cosplay stage now" Michael clarified when asked what's next for WCS Philippines. "We still have to prove ourselves that we're capable of imposing international standards on our local competitions to be able to compete, which is why we're making drastic changes in our internal operations to match this." he finished. Currently the organization is finalizing its new set of standard rules and regulations including their weapons and props policy to match the WCS standards.

With the Philippines now as an observer nation, it's the country's first step into getting full membership in the WCS where the country could possibly join and compete with the actual competition. With Anime Alliance having its foot inside the door of the international cosplay stage, they're moving forward to gather more support as they try to produce the very first faces that'll make their country proud.

For inquiries about this PRESS release, contact:

Anime Alliance PRESS & Media                  press@animealliance.asia
Anime Alliance Public Relations Office    public-relations@animealliance.asia
Anime Alliance WCS Project Team            wcsph@animealliance.asia


David Michael Ramas                     Project Manager
Futomi Nomura                                Asst. Project Manager
Tessa Villareal                                    Project Coordinator
Minori Nakamura                             Japanese Communications Officer
Patrick Alvin Cham                           Project Logistics Officer
Kenneth Sevilla                                 Marketing & Events Specialist
Katherine Barrameda                     Human Resources Manager
Khallane Enriquez                            Cosplay Relations Manager

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